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Our music tastefully blends vintage bossa nova with jazz standards, classical references, chansons, ballades and own compositions. We arrange selections of diverse pieces in mashups, improvise and harmonize in two voices. Although some of our songs can be pretty melancholic, in others we sometimes make the singers burst out laughing while performing - which is not very practical, yet funny!


The duet Nathalie Musardo (voice) as figurehead and Johannes Röhrenbach (piano) as captain are the core of The Blue Crew, mostly performing in mixed combinations with other musicians on sax, bass, cajón and further percussion.


Italo-French Nathalie and German Johannes both live in Zurich, are polyglot but speak Italian together and share loads of similar tastes, the most important probably being a certain Latin lifestyle.


She is a professional choir conductor, classical mezzo-soprano, chanson and jazz vocalist, arranger, teaches and writes about music. He is a versatile pianist, classical tenor, jazz singer, songwriter but also mathematician, entrepreneurship, board game and boating enthusiast.


Further band members are Olf Kramer (tenor sax), Daniel Hernandez (percussion) and our sound engineer, Emiliano Larrea. Before them, we used to play with Robin Müller, Bruno Liechti and Gecy Marty. One can sometimes hear us rehearsing on Lake of Zurich or in the old town, where a friend lends us a room in his fascinating antique furniture store.


We regularly organise jam sessions, in summer on Capitão Johannes’ boat, or perform onshore in concerts, festivals, bars or private events.

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